Facilities & Checklist

• First Aid and Paramedic Facility
• ER 24, a professional team of qualified paramedics will be providing the first aid, search and rescue and paramedic services both on and off the course this year.
• Their base will be at the start at the Thatch Café, Rhino & Lion Park. Click here for directions.
• They can be consulted if you have any medical problems on your return from each stage for approximately 60 minutes from the cut off time on the day.
• There will be support vehicles and quad bikes on the stages to attend to any mishaps or accidents/injuries which may occur.
• You will have emergency contact numbers for this service pre-printed on your race number.

Massage Facility
• A massage facility by a professional sports masseuse will be available on each day. Please book a time. Her fees are for your own account.

Bike Wash
• The Legendary Bridgestone Bike wash featuring the Bridgestone babes near the finish area on each stage.
• The cost of the bike wash is included in your entry fee.

Important Note
For bike security it is recommended that riders wait for their bikes to be washed, and not leave them to be collected later. Riders are requested not to leave accessories of value on the bike while it is being washed i.e., computers, heart rate monitors, GPS receivers, pumps, saddlebags etc. in order to prevent water damage.

Whilst the utmost care will be taken, The 2016 Route 99 MTB Experience, race organisers, sponsors, landowners, helpers etc. will not be held responsible for any losses or damage to any bicycles, accessories etc. while bikes are being washed or at the bike wash facility.

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